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Integrated Solution of Smart City

Smart agriculture

Create a smart city green agricultural production base gradually: by strengthening the transparency and visualization of agricultural production links, the brand of green agricultural products should be established. By strengthening cooperation with the electricity business platform, the city green agricultural products should be sold

Smart City Multimodal Integration System

The overall goal of building a multi-regulation integration system in cities is to implement the central directives, follow the core concept of "one city, one plan, one blueprint", carry out overall development, and eliminate space conflicts based on multi-regulation standards and working mechanisms. We will establish an integrated,

Smart Port

Establish inbound and outbound vessel management system to dynamically monitor the inbound and outbound conditions of the vessels at the port on the basis of existing internal business and information system of the port. Enhance the registration and management of import wastes and related logistics vehicles.

Smart tourism

Establish unified webpage, WeChat, Microblog tourism resource promotion platform on the basis of existing tourism resource survey data and tourism display system. Establish tourism units and personnel management system. Develop mobile terminal for tourism project schedule planning to realize auxiliary scheduling based on the

Smart environmental protection

Establish environment information data center and environment monitoring management system. Execute real-time and automatic monitoring of environmentally sensitive factors such

Smart card

The multi-functional smart IC card can be used by citizens to deal with their related social affairs, enjoy government's public services and make the payment for transactions with the electronic certificate, small payment, information storage and inquiry function, and is widely used in the government's public service, public transportation,
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