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Cases of Smart City Construction

Smart pipe network

1. The system applies the 3D technology, geographical information technology and database technology, in order to achieve the integration between the urban pipeline resources and spatial information resources. It realizes a map management application of the urban integrated underground pipelines, vector maps, image maps and urban ground \ underground 3D model.

Smart city management

By setting the real 3D big data as the fusion vector and building unified technology integration and content-rich urban management comprehensive resource library, we can achieve city's management information collection precision, transmission network and supervision and management real-time. Based on the GPS, GIS object sensing, real-scene 3D,

Smart Shahekou

It is based on 3D real city space big data, integrating the management information of population\corporate\components\ community, to create the smart Shehekou's public service platform of government, business and people's livelihood and promote the industrial application innovation and upgrading.

Smart Kunming

Kunming city planning and construction management digital application project includes top-level design and standard-setting, aerial photography and data processing, digital application system development, professional software upgrade and GIS spatial data encryption system. The preliminary inspection of project was completed in 8 months. The construction results include seven systems: a top-level design, four standards, 507 square kilometers of DEM/DSM/DOM/TDOM
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