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Jiucheng Surveying & Mapping Information

Engineering Services


General structure of Jiucheng rural map JAgriMapV3.0 solution includes ownership survey, Registration & certificate issue, land transfer, dispute resolution, information archiving, Ministry-level land management right management system

Geographic information system engineering

Based on geographical information industry for a long time and with professional and complete research and development group and production group, the business scope of the Geographical Information Center covers a complete industry chain including "the acquisition, disposal, fusion and application

Territorial Resources Survey Planning

Land Planning and Design Institute is a professional design company mainly on land arrangement, development of land, land reclamation, construction of high-standard basic farmland as well as urban and rural construction land increase or decrease linking project. The main scope of business includes the compilation of

Geological exploration and design

The investigation of hydro-geology, engineering geology and environmental geology

Geo-technical engineering and the design of slope treatment

Geological hazard assessment, exploration, design and construction

Mineral exploration

Real estate mapping

Real estate mapping includes Property surveying and Cadastral surveying.

Property survey is mainly to collect and present relevant information about houses and land, collect taxes and fees of real estate property, administration for property right as well

Topographic surveying and subway monitoring

Underground pipeline exploration is positioning the underground pipeline, direction and burying depth by applying the geophysical exploration method. The methods of the underground
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