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JiuCheng were evaluated as the first batch of national surveying and mapping geographic information science education bases
Warmly celebrate the success of the JiuCheng Group 2018 New Year Gala
At 1 PM on February 7th, Dalian Jiucheng Surveying and Mapping Enterprise Group held a grand ceremony in Zhuanghe to "enter a new era, start a new journey, show new deeds, and write a new chapter" as the theme of the 2018 New Year Gala.
Dalian Municipal Party Committee Secretary Tan Zuojun came to Dalian Jiucheng Surveying and Mapping Enterprise Group to investig
On March 13, Tan Zuojun, member of the standing committee of liaoning provincial party committee and secretary of Dalian municipal party committee, came to Zhuanghe to investigate the grassroots party building work, accompanied by the leaders of the organization department of Dalian municipal party committee and the general office of Dalian municipal party committee,Zhang Shuping. secretary of Zhuanghe municipal party committee, and main leaders of the organization department of Zhuanghe municipal party committee accompanied the investigation.     Tan Zuojun and his team first came to Dalian Jiucheng surveying and mapping enterprise group to investigate the party construction of non-public enterprises. Since the establishment of the party organization in 2003, Dalian Jiucheng surveying and mapping enterprise group has been insisting on promoting the development of party building,Especially in recent years, the group party committee in accordance with the requirements for the higher party organization, strengthening the construction of the party organization of standardization, party members to carry out the party members pioneer demonstration jobs actively organize the enterprise, give full play to the political functions of party organization, promote enterprise technology innovation and talent team construction, condensed the work force of enterprise development, promote enterprise development.     In the company culture exhibition hall on the 6th floor of the group, Tan Zuojun listened to the introduction of the enterprise development and visited the exhibition boards one by one, When visiting the pioneer demonstration post of party member on the fifth floor, Yang Yanqing, a member of party member, expressed on behalf of the young party member that he must give full play to the role of pioneer and model of party member, base himself on his post and do his job well. In the activity room of the party group on the third floor, Tan Zuojun listened carefully to the report of the party construction of the enterprise, checked the files of the party construction work of the enterprise, and watched the report film of the party construction work of the enterprise. He hoped that the enterprise would continue to strengthen the party organization construction and promote the healthy development of the enterprise.  
Dalian Jiucheng won the title of "2018 China Top 100 Geographic Information Industry Enterprises"
On July 26th, the 2018 China Geographic Information Industry Conference with the theme of "New Times, New Opportunities,
Dalian Jiucheng Won the Third Prize of the 4th National Map Knowledge Competition(Liaoning Division)
On September 20, in order to implement the awareness of the national territory of the country, the Liaoning Provincial Bureau of Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information held the Fourth National Map Knowledge Competition and the Children's Handdrawn Map Competition(Liaoning Division), There are 25 teams and 106 individuals participating in this competition, Zhang Bin、Hu Zhejia、 and Qu Yan made full use of their spare time,After careful preparation and hard work.they won the third prize for Dalian Jiucheng Surveying and Mapping Information Co., Ltd.  
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