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Dalian Jiucheng Surveying & Mapping Information Co., Ltd. On the eve of the 93rd anniversary of the founding of the party, dalian 90% surveying and mapping enterprise group held a party congress on June 29, 2015, which was transformed from the former general party branch into a party committee. He tong, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, organization department of the municipal party committee, united front work department, planning and construction bureau and party construction instructor of the municipal party committee attended the meeting.

Under the correct leadership of the party working committee of municipal non-public enterprises and the party committee of planning and construction bureau, jiucheng group firmly adheres to the party building work, which has boosted the enterprise to become bigger and stronger and achieved leapfrog development. Since the enterprise pays attention to continuous scientific and technological innovation, transformation and upgrading, it has enhanced its comprehensive competitive strength in such fields as geographic information collection, intelligent city construction and three-dimensional space software development. The non-public enterprise, which has more than 1,000 employees and more than 100 party members, has entered the market of surveying and mapping and geographic information industry nationwide.

Du mingcheng, newly elected secretary of the first party committee at the party congress on the same day, said that only by focusing on party building, can there be rapid development of enterprises. New party must first strengthen own construction, strengthen the service consciousness, through the institutionalization of party construction norm, strict management of party members, the construction of a high quality the party member troop, really make the broad masses of party members have the power of faith, the force of example, the power of the guide, make the enterprise in the face of difficulties and challenges of developing, compose the new chapter.

He tong expressed congratulations on the establishment of the 90% group party committee in his speech. He thinks, since all the time, 90% group takes party construction job very seriously, in giving full play to party organization combat fort action and party member pioneer model action obtained very big achievement, set example for party construction job of whole city nonpublic enterprise. As a result of the party building work into practice, inspired the spirit of staff, enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, so that 90% of the group has achieved outstanding results. It is hoped that the new party committee of jiucheng group can be further strengthened to make the party building work continue to innovate and carry out various activities with more vigor and color, so as to realize the economic take-off of zhuanghe as soon as possible. The Chinese dream & throughout; Contribute more.