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Chairman of dalian 90% surveying and mapping enterprise group — & ndash; Du Mingcheng, was born in May 1963, the Chinese communist party party member, han nationality, a graduate student degree, vice President of China's geographic information industry association, standing director at the Chinese academy of surveying and mapping geographic information, FaZhiWei committee of National People's Congress in dalian, dalian municipal people's congress, vice President of dalian city chamber of commerce, international hydrographic surveyors, the dalian naval academy adjunct professor, researcher professor level senior engineer, surveying and mapping institute of zhuanghe.

Comrade du mingcheng has been assiduously working in the forefront of surveying and mapping information technology research and development practice, tireless, hard-working, meticulous, and constantly improving. With its rigorous, pragmatic style, hard work, overcome difficulties, innovation, pioneering spirit, seize opportunities, worship good and seek truth. Set up the private first-class surveying and mapping geographic information enterprise mdash; Dalian 90% surveying and mapping information co., LTD., and on this basis established dalian 90% surveying and mapping enterprise group.

Comrade du mingcheng employs talents with the gift of kindness and sincere heart; Enhance the cohesion of the enterprise by sharing weal and woe and inspiring the heroic policy; To enhance the competitiveness of enterprises by strengthening management and innovation; To satisfy the service, high quality and efficiency of the actual friends, open up the market.

Comrade du mingcheng has been awarded dalian city, liaoning province. Model worker ” ", liaoning province “ Advanced worker of surveying and mapping management ” , outstanding scientific and technological worker of liaoning province, President of outstanding survey and design institute of liaoning province, national May Day labor medal, national model worker and other honorary titles.