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Jiucheng Surveying & Mapping Information

Sarmt City

Is a new generation of information technology development and knowledge society innovation 2.0 environment of urban informatization to a higher stage of development. It will become the overall development strategy of a city, become a new engine for economic transformation, industrial upgrading, and urban upgrading, and achieve the goals of improving people's happiness in life, corporate economic competitiveness, and sustainable urban development.

Engineering Services

Including GIS engineering, surveying and mapping engineering(control surveys, engineering surveys, marine surveys, aerial photography, photogrammetry and RS, cadastral surveys, real estate mapping), land resources survey and planning, land resources monitoring and assessment, geological exploration, geological disaster risk assessment, geological disasters governance engineering and so on.

Software Products

Including smart city related management platform construction, geographic information software, real estate registration information management platform products, JAgriMap information solution suite and so on.

Data Products

Including vector map data, image data, thematic data, and three-dimensional data.