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Zhuanghe Smart City Science and Technology Development Co. Ltd.. hanged out its shingle
    On December 26, the unveiling ceremony of Zhuang He Smart City Technology Development Co., Ltd. was held in the city operations command center hall of the company, Zhuanghe Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee Yu Chengfu attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. On behalf of the municipal government, Yu Chengfu congratulated Zhuanghe Smart City Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. on its official listing;He said the construction of zhuanghe smart city has achieved a good start, hope to continue to do a good job of the first phase of the project, the operation of the improvement and maintenance work, speed up the promotion of the formal operation of the first phase of the project, Each government project undertaking unit should make full use of the platform of smart cities, support government work with big data, plan the overall situation of government work with informatization thinking, and make good use of smart cities. The comprehensive role of existing, usable、 useful、 convenient, and beneficial to the people has contributed more to the political, economic、 cultural、 and construction development of the Zhuanghe. Dalian Jiucheng Surveying and Mapping Enterprise Group Chairman and Zhuanghe Smart City Technology Development Co., Ltd. Chairman Du Mingcheng said that the company will take the listing ceremony as a new starting point, under the correct leadership of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, redouble its efforts to make the first phase of the project as soon as possible,Full operation. At the same time, it will deepen the research and development of subsequent sub-projects and truly build the Zhuanghe Smart City Project into a model project of " Favourable to people, Favourable to business, Favourable to government ". On the same day, Yu Chengfu also conducted research on the work of the Smart City, inspected the company's data center, and held talks with staff. (Text: Chemical rain, transferred from WeChat Public No. Zhuang He released)
JiuCheng were evaluated as the first batch of national surveying and mapping geographic information science education bases
Warmly celebrate the success of the JiuCheng Group 2018 New Year Gala
At 1 PM on February 7th, Dalian Jiucheng Surveying and Mapping Enterprise Group held a grand ceremony in Zhuanghe to "enter a new era, start a new journey, show new deeds, and write a new chapter" as the theme of the 2018 New Year Gala.